Nspire - A Park Community Initiative
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Our Mission

Nspire’s mission is to champion the human right to wellness for communities with inequitable access to prosperity through funding, resources, advocacy, and vital collaborations to build health as a principal priority.

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Our Vision

Nspire’s vision is that people – no matter their race, culture, or neighborhood – will be treated equally. We strive to inspire change in behavioral health that heals communities and empowers people.

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Who We Are

Nspire – A Park Community Initiative, Inc. (Nspire) is more than the philanthropic arm of Park Community Credit Union (Park) — it is the direct call to action from Park to continue serving the community and their needs. Park is Kentucky’s largest Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a low-income designated Credit Union. Through Park’s 80,000+ members, 15 retail locations, Park realizes its mission to provide financial products and services to all — regardless of a person’s socioeconomic status or geographic location. Park has laid the foundation in aiding historically marginalized and underserved communities across the Commonwealth. Drawing on the roots of the credit union movement, Park realized the importance that social determinants of health have on a person’s ability to be financially sound. Thus, Park invested in the notion that financial wellness starts with personal wellness and Nspire – A Park Community Initiative, Inc. was born.

Nspire began its journey in 2019, seeking to be a champion for equitable access to health and wealth for our region’s most marginalized communities. Nspire has laid the foundation for change by listening, forming partnerships, dispensing funds, and developing programs to initiate equitable opportunities for our region’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods and people.

Through trust-based philanthropic solutions, Nspire provides grant funds addressing the needs of mental and financial health. Through future advocacy efforts Nspire will strive to impact bipartisan efforts to make behavioral health initiatives available across our communities to all who are in need, regardless of economic standing. Nspire centers its focus on behavioral health — a priority echoed by our partners and peers due to the many challenges that these communities continue to endure.

Nspire will deliver direct support through our behavioral health projects located throughout Kentucky’s most vulnerable neighborhoods, allowing a safe space to connect, learn, and obtain tangible resources that promote healthy minds and lives.

Together, Park and Nspire are placing a spotlight on communities in dire need to be seen and heard, offering unique opportunities to realize equitable access to prosperity. We believe in the power of communities, the value of equity, and the promise of a better tomorrow…. because everyone deserves to be well and live well.

For more information about Park Community Credit Union and the financial products and services that they offer, please visit: www.parkcommunity.com.