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Our Mission

We at Nspire believe everyone deserves access to wellness. Our mission is to create systems change by building a healthier, more equitable community.

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Who We Are

Nspire, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity serving as the sister organization and philanthropic arm of Park Community Credit Union. We make transformational investments in communities that struggle with financial instability. Nspire believes that equitable access to financial education, resources, and advocacy will measurably improve growth within our valued communities.

The Nspire initiative was launched in 2019 to drive Park Community Credit Union’s commitment to eliminating economic inequity in our communities. We are passionate about providing financial empowerment to low income, disadvantaged neighborhoods and the lasting effects that it can have on social, physical, and economic well-being. We believe all people should hold the power to achieve financial stability for themselves and their families.

Giving back to the community is a priority for Park Community Credit Union, and our communities inspire our investments. We are Nspire.

For more information about Park Community Credit Union, the financial products and services they offer please visit www.parkcommunity.com.

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Our Vision

Nspire is more than a traditional foundation. Our role is to build relationships and innovative philanthropy solutions to support community. Nspire’s vision is to promote neighborhood empowerment by building a culture of health. We will focus on making health a shared sense of value, cross-sector collaboration and advocating for equitable health policies for our communities in Kentucky. Our goal is to improve population health, well-being and equity policy action.

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Our Impact

At Nspire – A Park Community Initiative, we believe that every community deserves the right to achieve equitable, lasting financial stability.

Our focus areas are inspired by community and directly influence our investments. Education, housing and economic accessibility are our priorities for impact. Any proposals to Nspire for support must address one or more of these areas for consideration.

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Our Core Values

All are welcome

Be real, be here

People helping people

Put community first

Speak up for those who cannot

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Our Why

Social determinants of health are the societal and economic factors that affect how we live, work, and play. Financial well-being is a social determinant of health that interrelates with almost all of a person’s most basic needs, including transportation, food access, housing, and education.

Still, there are communities across the Commonwealth that struggle with poverty and financial stability. Nspire seeks to reverse the effects of inequity, historic disinvestment, and lack of access that have caused these chronic conditions. We commit to investing our resources towards the financial empowerment, generational wealth, and measurable growth of our neighborhoods. We believe that, through Nspire, we can support our communities live their best and healthiest lives.

Nspire will invest in community organizations, collaborative partnerships, and strategic programs that advance our focus areas. Our investment instruments include grants, loan funds, CDFI funding, scholarships, advocacy, research, and more. All programs and investments will be guided by our community-based Board of Directors and the Nspire team.