Nspire - A Park Community Initiative
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

  • Nspire is…
    • the sister organization to Park Community Credit Union that assists with their philanthropic endeavors.
    • a community collaborator. We endeavor to collaborate with other organizations to support the communities we love and serve, throughout Kentuckiana.

Who benefits from Nspire? Who do we help?

  • Fellow non-profit organizations, established organizations and all human beings in Kentuckiana who want equitable access to prosperity through funding, resources and advocacy.

What is Nspire?

  • Nspire is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt, organization.

When and Why were we formed?

  • Nspire was formed in November 2019, in response to Park Community’s understanding of social determinates of health and the impact they have on a person’s ability to be financially sound. Thus, Park Community invested in the notion that financial wellness starts with personal wellness and viola, Nspire was created.

Why do we do what we do?

  • We are passionate and care deeply about our communities. We believe in the power of communities, the value of equity, and the promise of a better tomorrow…because EVERYONE deserves to be well and live well.

How do we benefit the community?

  • How do we choose who gets what?
    • If it’s a grant, there is a set scoring system. The best score gets the award.
    • Sometimes funds are based by geographic location and is determined by a grant or agreement
  • How do prospects contact us?
    • Through our website, phone or email
  • How do we inform people about our services?
    • Press releases, our website, social media/Facebook, direct email to interested parties

How does Park Community fit into Nspire’s Mission?

  • Currently, Park Community provides operational and administrative support to Nspire. Whereas, Nspire is dedicated to advancing the philanthropic efforts of Park.

Shouldn’t I just give to the non-profit organizations myself?

  • Nspire is in a unique position as a non-profit supported by a financial institution. Nspire is taking advantage of this position be offering financial and administrative management and consulting services to community organizations/non-profits. Many organizations need assistance in these areas. Nspire has the ability to properly manage these funds, ensuring that the communities are getting the most benefit.

Where do we want to go?

  • Through fundraising and community partnerships, we hope to…
    • expand to central and eastern Kentucky
    • continue to support the initiatives and programs addressing systematic challenges in behavioral health status and outcomes for marginalized populations
    • offer funds/grants management
    • develop programs centric to access to generational wealth and behavioral health